Design and Installation

At RS Fire Protection we offer a broad experience and technical expertise in offering tailored and compete fire alarm design and installation services.

design and installation

Technical fire protection expertise

At RS Fire Protection we offer a broad experience and technical expertise in offering tailored and compete fire alarm, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and emergency signage design, installation and maintenance services.

The RS Fire Protection team can provide a comprehensive fire alarm system, design and installation services for wireless and hardwire fire systems from the majority of manufacturers,  across commercial, residential, health and educational settings to become compliant with BS 5839.

RS Fire Protection can provide design and installation of your emergency lighting systems, ensuring commercial, residential, health and educational setting not only have brightly lit exit routes for safe movement towards and through the exists, but also to readily detect fire alarm call points and fire brigade equipment along the evacuation routes. In order to be compliant with the BS 5266-1 standard, emergency lighting in commercial, residential, health and education settings must be safe all the time in case of emergency and also in the eventuality of power failure. 

Providing the right safety equipment in the right location

RS Fire Protection’s technical team can provide fire extinguisher supply, installation and commission, ensuring not only that you meet BS 5360-3 standards but also maintain fire safety in case of any potential threat to people and property. Once a property survey is completed, our technical team can advise on the right fire extinguishers based on the type of fire risk you may face, determined by the fire class and suitable fire extinguishers in the right location. 

Fire exit signs need to meet legislation requirements and conform, when required, to BS 5499. Fire exit signs must be in a place where a potential risk to the health and safety of customers, employees and people is recognised. RS Fire Protection can provide appropriate design and installation services to ensure that the correct sign type is allocated in the right location and the exit routes are signed accordingly. 

Fire Protection Systems without compromise

As your local, reputable fire protection team, it’s important that we are only working with the best in class fire protection and maintenance equipment to support your requirements. At RS Fire Protection, we install fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and safety signage. Alongside our design and installation services, we work with our clients to maintain their fire systems and ensure that their staff, visitors and assets remain safe and secure all year round.

As your fire protection team, we ensure that you remain BS compliant by carrying out regular equipment testing and maintenance as needed. Your fire alarm, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers should be checked periodically in line with the relevant British Standards. Failure to carry out this maintenance means you are not compliant with British Standards and are potentially liable.

Fire Alarms

We can supply and install fire alarm systems in any size property. Doing so provides peace of mind, knowing your property is protected.

Emergency Lighting

We can design, install and maintain a broad range of
emergency lighting systems, within commercial, residential, educational and health premises,
ensuring luminaires are always perfectly working.

Fire Extinguishers

We can supply and and install fire extinguishers around your property, minimizing damage if a fire should break out.

Safety Signage

We supply and install safety signage for any premises, vital to quickly and effectively communicate fire hazard and evacuation routes.

Dry/Wet Riser

We can install and maintain dry and wet riser systems in any size property, ensuring the safety of occupants.


We can install and maintain sprinkler systems, critical in preventing fires from spreading.


We offer the installation and maintenance of AOV systems, providing ventilation in the event of a fire.

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