Fire Service, Maintenance & Testing

At RS Fire Protection we are offering preventive maintenance by service and maintain a broad range of fire alarm systems ensuring your property are aligned with the BS 5839 requirements.

Maintaining fire alarm system, emergency lighting and automatic opening ventilation (AOV)

At RS Fire Protection, we offer preventative maintenance by servicing and maintaining a broad range of fire alarm systems ensuring your property is aligned with the BS 5839 requirements.

Additionally, weekly fire alarm testing needs be carried out to verify the alarm is functioning and allow your staff and building occupants to become familiar with the fire alarm sounders in the event of an emergency.

We ensure your emergency lighting systems are compliant with the BS 5266-1 standard by providing annual emergency light servicing and monthly flick testing. This is crucial to guarantee exit routes are adequately lit to allow people to safely evacuate the property in case of emergency.

Our technical team ensures that during fire service appointments, maintained and non-maintained luminaries are in full working order. We do this by simulating power cuts before replacing batteries, bulb tubes and light fittings to fix any issues and keep emergency lighting working at all times.

AOV(Automatic Opening Ventilation) are designed to provide ventilation in the event of a fire, helping to remove smoke and toxic gases from the building and creating a safe escape route for occupants.

AOV systems are particularly important in high-rise buildings, where smoke can quickly spread to upper floors and hinder evacuation efforts.

Specialist installation and maintenance of AOV systems are crucial for ensuring their effectiveness in the event of a fire. Regular inspections and testing are necessary to identify and address any potential issues or malfunctions that could compromise the system’s functionality.

We are BAFE certified, and our engineers are fully trained to carry out fire service and maintenance of fire alarm systems from the majority of manufacturers. Securing the continuous coverage of fire alarm systems, and protecting assets, properties, and lives is our everyday company mission.

Dry Risers

Dry rises are an essential component of fire protection systems in buildings, particularly high-rise structures. Dry rises are vertical pipes that are used to supply water to upper floors in a building in the event of a fire emergency.

In the event of a fire, firefighters need a reliable source of water to extinguish the flames and prevent them from spreading. Without a dry riser, firefighters would have to rely on hoses from the ground floor, which would severely limit their ability to fight the fire effectively on upper floors.

Dry and wet risers’ system is required to be installed and maintained by specialist, essential for complying with fire safety regulations and building codes.


Sprinklers are one of the most important components of a building’s fire protection system. They are designed to quickly and effectively extinguish fires, minimising property damage and saving lives. A significantly lower risk of property damage and fatalities in the event of a fire is proved when the sprinkler systems are installed and maintained by a specialist.

Sprinklers work by detecting heat from a fire and automatically releasing water to extinguish the flames. This quick response time is critical in preventing fires from spreading and causing extensive damage. In addition, sprinklers can help to reduce the risk of injury or death by creating a safer path for occupants to exit the building.

Servicing fire extinguishers and safety signage

At RS Fire Protection, our BAFE-certified, qualified engineers provide expert advice to install and maintain the right fire extinguishers for any type of premises including commercial, residential, health and educational settings. 

To meet Fire Safety Regulations and legislation, fire extinguishers require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that they are not damaged and they don’t need replacing or refilling. 

We supply, install, commission and provide maintenance to fire extinguishers in accordance with BS 5306-3, including: 

  • Foam Fire Extinguishers (fire class A, B)
  • Water-Fire Extinguishers (fire class A)
  • Water and Additive Fire Extinguishers (fire class A, B, C, F and electrical)
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers (fire class B and electrical equipment)
  • Power Fire Extinguishers (fire class A, B, C and electrical equipment)
  • Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers (fire class A, F)
  • Fire Blankets 

According to the Fire Safety Order, to meet regulations, all commercial, residential, health and education buildings are required to have in place Fire Safety Signage. 

At RS Fire Protection, we supply and replace signs ensuring the correct signs are installed in the right locations to support our clients with British Standards compliance. 

Get in touch with our fire service team today to find out how we can help you keep your premises and staff safe. 

FIA trained fire protection engineers

The BAFE – British Approvals for Fire Excellence delivers support to clients who are looking to ensure their fire protection company is a certified competent organisation in the field of fire protection. 

It is imperative that your fire protection company is trained, established and verified with an organisation that holds fire safety in the highest regard. RS Fire Protection is proud to say that its engineers are FIA-certified engineers, and as a company, we are registered with the BAFE. 

BAFE offers confidence to industries that their fire safety compliance requirements are being fulfilled by a provider with quality evidence of their competency for specific services” – BAFE. 

To view our registration with the BAFE, please take note of our organisation ID 302650, and visit the BAFE website

Fire Alarms

We can supply and install fire alarm systems in any size property. Doing so provides peace of mind, knowing your property is protected.

Emergency Lighting

We can design, install and maintain a broad range of
emergency lighting systems, within commercial, residential, educational and health premises,
ensuring luminaires are always perfectly working.

Fire Extinguishers

We can supply and and install fire extinguishers around your property, minimizing damage if a fire should break out.

Safety Signage

We supply and install safety signage for any premises, vital to quickly and effectively communicate fire hazard and evacuation routes.

Dry/Wet Riser

We can install and maintain dry and wet riser systems in any size property, ensuring the safety of occupants.


We can install and maintain sprinkler systems, critical in preventing fires from spreading.


We offer the installation and maintenance of AOV systems, providing ventilation in the event of a fire.

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